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$289.99 sealed transmission fluid service


$169.99 induction system cleaning and fuel injector cleaning additive



  • We have found that Ford vehicles tend to be hard on the power steering fluid.
  • Fluid breakdown leads to leaking seals and fluid loss.
  • Are you tired of hearing that whining noise from your power steering pump?
  • We suggest flushing every 2 years or 24,000 miles to help prevent wear and tear on expensive components.


$169.99 Induction Cleaning Service

  • We suggest that newer GM products have their intake system cleaned every 15,000 miles..
  • The direct fuel injection engines are developing harmful carbon buildup.
  • Regular intake system cleaning can help prevent this buildup.
  • Call and schedule today for this valuable service.


Autologic Bellevue, WA MG, Triumph, Austin Healy, Jensen Healy - ALL REPAIRS 10% OFF*

Autologic Auto Repair is your source for British Car Repair in Bellevue, WA
Summer is here, is your fine British Auto ready to tour?
Get those nagging problems taken care of now!

  • We provide all repairs for Austin, MG, Triumph ,Austin Healy and Jensen Healy automobiles.
  • We own and drive MG's
  • Brakes
  • Tuning
  • Clutches
  • Suspension
  • Carburation
  • Custom exhausts
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electronic ignitions
  • Coming soon - We are setting up equipment to computer spin balance wire wheels

Give us a call for any of your British car needs.

*10% discount capped at $50 per visit.


$59.95 off timing belt and water pump replacement

  • Timing belt replacement is extremely important!
  • Timing belt failure can severely damage your motor.
  • Call today to schedule for this valuable service.
  • Due every 84 months for most Hondas.
  • Avoid breakdown and added expense.
  • Mention this ad and save $ now.


$20* off an ABS brake fluid flush.

  • ABS brake fluid should be flushed every 2 years or whenever the fluid fails the chemical test strip.
  • The ABS Brake components are expensive and flushing the fluid removes contaminates that cause early failure.
  • Flushing the ABS Brake fluid prevents brake fluid boiling during hard braking.
  • This preventative maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars of repairs due to corrosion in the ABS system.



  • We can maintain your Lexus to the same standards as the dealer and save you some $$$
  • Give us a call to compare any estimate that you are given by the dealer.
  • We promise to save you money.


$20* OFF an oil change with synthetic oil.

  • Synthetic oil is required for the extended service interval on Mercedes vehicles.
  • Failure to use the specific oil and filter can damage your investment.
  • Our comprehensive inspection is included with each oil change.
  • Schedule today for this valuable service and save money.
  • Mention you "saw it on the web" when scheduling.
  • Remember - each 5th oil change is free!*

* 5th oil change free with our oil change punch card



  • Removes harmful, power robbing deposits from the intake, valves and piston tops.
  • Cleans the idle passageways.
  • In many cases restores lost pep and increases fuel mileage.
  • Additive package helps clean the fuel injectors while you drive.
  • We suggest that this service be performed every 30,000 miles to keep the engine clean and running smooth.


  • $20* off any oil change with diesel 15/40 engine oil.
  • Includes a comprehensive inspection.
  • Call today and schedule this important service.
  • Time for a can of diesel fuel treatment?


$49.95 Oil and filter change with conventional oil, $69.95 with synthetic oil.

  • From oil changes to factory services we can do it all!
  • Factory level scan tools & information for fast repair.
  • We provide shuttle service to work and back.
  • Call or visit us soon for any service need.
  • Click on the coupon and save today.


TIRE ROTATION for $24* + tax

  • Tire rotation is very important for an All Wheel Drive vehicle.
  • Proper tire rotation allows even tire wear and can increase MPG
  • Even tire wear = less wear and tear on the drivetrain.
  • The tires should be rotated every other oil change for the best service life.
  • If you have purchased a set of 4 tires from us the tire rotation is FREE.
  • Having us provide & maintain your tires means one less stop for service.



  • WE want you to think of Autologic as your Bellevue, WA hybrid maintenance headquarters.
  • WE want to reward YOU for helping to take care of our environment.
  • We have taken special training courses for Hybrid vehicle repairs.
  • Call today and let us be your Hybrid repair headquarters.
  • Remember, every 5th oil change is FREE with our Oil Change Punch Card!


$35* OFF NO-SQUEEL BRAKE PADS with installation- call for an estimate.

  • We can make your Volvo stop without that annoying squeal.
  • We are a full service Volvo repair facility.
  • Call today and enjoy silent braking.

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