Check Engine Light

CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON? Autologic Bellevue, WA Auto Repair can fix it.

Courtesy Curbside Code Check

We can test and repair your "Check Engine" light problems.

  • The "Check Engine" light being on can indicate a serious concern for your engine.
  • NOTE: If your "Check Engine" light is ON and FLASHING do not drive the car - have it towed in.
  • The "Check Engine" light being on is an immediate Emissions Test failure.
  • We can test and determine the cause.
  • We can test and determine whether the problem is serious or minor.
  • We have the latest STATE OF THE ART equipment to find the fault.
  • We have most factory level computer scan tools available for testing.
  • We have access to the latest data bases to locate intermittent problems.
  • Need a software update - we can reprogram your computer.